A deliciously innovative new business: celebrating the launch of Lekker

Written by Paige Dawson

We are fortunate to work with entrepreneurs who develop practical, innovative, “Why didn’t I think of that?” concepts for new products and services. Most recently we’ve had the privilege of helping Joe Francis and his team launch LekkerBlack-and-Blue, a revolutionary app-based chef brokering service.

Currently available in Houston and soon to launch in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio and beyond, Lekker allows users to schedule a three-course, chef-prepared meal for up to six people with just three touches of a mobile phone. Simply select from six prix-fixe menus, choose the meal’s location, and reserve a chef up to seven days ahead or with as little as four hours’ notice. Pricing is all-inclusive for food, wine, service, taxes and tip and starts at $250 for two people.

The Lekker chef who accepts the engagement takes care of everything—shopping for ingredients and wine, letting the host know that he or she is on the way, arriving with a complete set of Lekker cooking tools, setting the table, preparing and serving the meal, and leaving the kitchen and dining area spotless. How cool is that?

Lekker eliminates the hassles and headaches of traditional in-home entertaining, restaurant dining or catering. As Joe explained in a recent CultureMap article, the inspiration for the service came in part from his own frustration with not being able to relax and socialize when he hosted dinner parties. We’ve all been there. Having tried Lekker in my own home, I can see why this is an idea whose time has come. It was so fun and refreshing to host a dinner party without lifting a finger and to see the caliber of food that came out of my kitchen.

Beyond ease, Lekker works perfectly for people who are time-pressed or cooking novices (hmm, I might fit both aspects). The small size and quick scheduling of the party makes a Lekker meal ideal for:

  • Hosting an impromptu dinner with friends
  • Celebrating a life milestone — birthday, anniversary, baby, new home
  • Sharing an intimate date night
  • Reciprocating a dinner
  • Closing a business deal in privacy
  • Or, being pampered at home after a tough day

The simplicity of Lekker is brilliant—but not surprising—as we have worked with Joe previously in his role as an internationally respected supply chain expert. He designed the app and the entire Lekker experience to be as effortless and elegant as possible, and he has succeeded.

We can’t wait to see how Lekker grows and wish Joe and his team the best in bringing the magic of their solution to food lovers in Texas and later nationwide.

The Lekker app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Visit Lekker to download the app and give the service a try for yourself. I promise….it is a level of pampering at home that few have experienced before.

About Paige Dawson

With expertise in marketing, business strategy and public relations, as well as ‘in the trenches’ experience as a business owner, Paige Dawson brings a unique blend of talent to clients. As president and founder of MPD Ventures Company, Paige works with executives and entrepreneurs throughout the country to develop key messages, marketing strategies and measurable campaigns, driven by client business goals. She has extensive experience providing counsel for professional service firms, technology companies, associations and nonprofits.