Grant Wickes

Executive Branding Principal

Grant Wickes is a marketing executive who excels at assessing business gaps and marketing inefficiencies then strategically aligning people and processes to accelerate growth.

An advocate of personal connections, Grant believes most CEOs and executives fail to grasp the potential of digital marketing in the context of their professional brand. He’s on a mission to change that with executive branding.

His career has spanned executive marketing, product management and business development roles in startup and growth companies. A servant at heart, he enjoys connecting people and is driven to help others achieve success.

He’s on the board of Conscious Capitalism Dallas, Social Media Breakfast Dallas and North Texas Relocation Professionals. When not growing business value working with executives, you can find him at Dallas networking events engrossed in his love of social photography.

Grant graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (honors) from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


My Strengths

From Gallup CliftonStrengths

1. Context
2. Relator
3. Positivity
4. Maximizer
5. Learner


What Drives Me Crazy

Doing without planning

Planning ahead matters.


What I Love


I love sharing photos of people and events.


A Fun Fact About Me


I have a Level 5 – Masters Coaching in USA Hockey and spend my weekends reffing competitive youth soccer.