Meet the Team: Jamie Boelens

Written by Jamie Boelens on Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Because our MPD team is blogging regularly, we wanted to give you an opportunity to know our bloggers better with a brief Q&A series that we will publish periodically.

This week, we’re starting with our newest team member, Jamie Boelens.

Tell us about yourself.

Though an Oklahoma native, I was raised in a small North Texas town and consider myself a Texan at heart. Most importantly, I’m a Christian and a family gal. I’m way too easily amused and laugh at my own jokes, even when nobody else does. Especially when nobody else does. I speak movie quotes, sarcasm, and puns and have a love of people or things with a story to tell. I like to think I’m somewhere between childhood and adulthood and will be for the remainder of my years.

How did you come to MPD Ventures?

After graduating from Texas A&M University with my BA in communication, I moved home to find a job. A connection who knew Paige Dawson introduced us with the goal that I would gain interview and networking experience. I was offered an internship for the fall of 2016, and they graciously kept me on as I looked for full-time work. As it turns out, I found my first “big kid” job here and transitioned to a full-time employee, which has been a tremendous blessing and learning experience.

I work best when…

I’ve got a hot cup of coffee and music playing. If I really need to focus, like when writing case studies or news releases for clients, I prefer instrumental. Otherwise, my taste ranges wildly. I’m currently on a Disney’s Moana soundtrack kick. If I’m not bugging Talana Morris or Debra Caston, you’ll likely find me at my desk with one earbud in, typing away and sipping on something.

Why marketing?

It’s the right combination of people, technology, communication, and variety. Because MPD is a marketing agency, I get to be artistically creative while learning about a variety of industries, tools, and trends in a fast-paced and ever-changing professional climate. Not to mention, I have a passion for human interaction and message composition, both central to marketing.

What is an issue or topic in your field that you feel strongly about?

Technology use in the modern world. I am a firm believer in putting our phones up to be engaged with our surroundings. Go on a date or out with friends so everyone can be glued to their phone? No, thank you.

I handle social media work for MPD and our clients almost every day, and while it is definitely a powerful marketing tool, it doesn’t replace building a bond with someone through quality time. Nor does it mimic the face-to-face setting we need to learn valuable social skills.

What is a piece of advice you’d like to leave with the MPD Ventures blog readers?

This too shall pass” – the phrase my parents always tell me when I am stressed or worried, as a reminder that what I am going through isn’t where I will always be. Things get better and hard times end. Just hang in there and push through. It also helps us remember not to take for granted the good things in life. Loved ones pass on, chapters end as new ones begin, and we can’t always hang on to the moments we want to last forever. But this doesn’t make life bad; it makes life, life. I hope you try to enjoy every minute of it.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of me with you.

About Jamie Boelens

AvatarJamie Boelens is a Marketing Coordinator with MPD Ventures Company. She supports clients with social media management, content writing, and website management.