Welcome to Texas! CycleBar Flower Mound Debuts with Immersive Cycle Theatre

Written by Paige Dawson Rodriguez on Friday, February 19th, 2016

CycleBar Flower Mound owners (courtesy: Beau Bumpas)

CycleBar Flower Mound owners (credit: Beau Bumpas)

Our clients continue to amaze us with their ability to blaze new business trails.  Most recently we’ve had the pleasure of launching CycleBar Flower Mound, a premium indoor cycling facility.

Local entrepreneurs James Moller and Shelby and Katherine Faubion are behind CycleBar Flower Mound. They wanted to bring a new, fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and were attracted to CycleBar’s energetic, affordable and inspiring approach.

You might be thinking, a cycle class…big deal. Turns out those boutique fitness studios are the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry. CycleBar has plans to open more than 200 locations nationwide this year. The grand openings are a big deal too with each studio offering up 100 free classes over 20 days — giving some 5,000 riders a chance to, as they say, “Rock Your Ride.”

You might ask, how do you promote a cycling studio when there are competitors and classes at gyms…what’s so special?  Well, we had to see it ourselves in person to really find out. CycleBar provides a dance club atmosphere on a bike; the time flies by. We were fortunate to garner some great media coverage as a result.

It’s a Party on a Bike

The Faubions' CycleBaby Elyse joined in the fun

The Faubions’ CycleBaby Elyse joined in the fun

CycleBar has some true points of difference that helped catch the attention of media and prospective riders:

  • Classes take place in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre®, a tiered-level studio with 50 bikes.
  • The studio features LED lighting, wide-screen graphics and a DJ booth with enhanced sound. Every class playlist is original and never played twice.
  • All rides may be reserved online to ensure your favorite bike, teacher or class may be enjoyed.
  • Pricing is very affordable compared to other studios, with a pay-per-class model and no membership required.
  • Amenities include towels, showers, lockers, shoes, towelettes, fresh fruit, water bottles, filtered water and even a proprietary aromatherapy blend.


And, CycleBar partners with local charity groups to host fundraising events. Talk to them about how you can host a private event and auction off bike spots.

It’s a Great Visual & Interactive Experience for PR

Sonia Azad’s story on WFAA-ABC Channel 8

WATCH Sonia Azad from WFAA-ABC Channel 8

I’ll admit that we weren’t sure how much coverage would appear.

Turns out that the growing industry sector combined with the party atmosphere and the fact that the suburb of Flower Mound scored such a cool, edgy studio worked well.

We welcomed three networks for interviews and rides. Watch these segments to get a taste of the CycleBar experience:


Adriana Lopez’s story on Telemundo Channel 39

WATCH Adriana Lopez from Telemundo Channel 39

Plus, the local community has welcomed CycleBar with open arms, including:


We’re excited to see the rest of the media coverage hit and hear from more riders. It’s a great, positive way to get healthy and have fun.

Congrats to the CycleBar team on a stellar debut and reception! Thanks for selecting our team to join you on this fun ride.

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