What’s a gimbal? MPD’s newest way to keep up with fast-paced clients

Written by Paige Dawson on Thursday, January 12th, 2017

The videos and films we produce for you are about to get even better. Here’s why.

Gimbal, Camera Stabilizer

Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

Before Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam in the 1970s, bulky film equipment had to be mounted on dollies and pushed along tracks if the director wanted a smooth, natural shot. Besides the enormous amount of space a dolly and tracks can take up, the system only allowed the camera to move in one or two predetermined ways through space.

Annoying, we agree.

The Steadicam came along and revolutionized the way cameras captured the action. With the ability to move freely through space, camera operators could capture exactly what they saw, creating far more dynamic, intimate, and impactful shots.

Fast forward about 40 years, and you’ll find that free range camera technology has only gotten better. The modern gimbal system uses electronic stabilization to keep cameras level no matter how you move in space.

(For the techies: a gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis. The concept and use has been around since antiquity and in multiple industries…though for film, it’s a tad newer.)

The best part about electronically stabilized gimbals for you: our MPD team has one and can bring your videos to life. And with no equipment rental fee required.

With electronic stabilization, you’re guaranteed a smooth-as-glass shot despite any drops, lifts, pans, or tracks you want to throw our way. You can even sprint with the gimbal (we tried it; it’s awesome…though we may need more cardio workouts to keep up!).

What does this mean for you? It means higher production value; telling stories in new ways; getting more shots your audience will love; and having more chances to connect with them, inspire them, transport them, and touch their hearts.

The gimbal technology offers us, and you, a new way of capturing your story. And, we’d be honored to help you tell it. From company culture or time-lapse manufacturing videos to in-the-field or on-the-street assignments for our corporate, public, or non-profit clients, our video crew folks are up to the task…and sporting new running shoes as well, just in case you ask us to run.

If you’d like to learn more, Chris Kelley (our video guru) or I would be happy to show you what’s possible.

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