Kristy Hurst


Kristy Hurst has more than 25 years of experience as a writer and editor, crafting marketing copy, web content and testimonials that are vivid and compelling. Carefully crafting the message to fit the client’s voice, the medium and the audience, Kristy makes complex content clear for internal, business-to-business and consumer audiences.

Kristy works with MPD Ventures’ clients to translate their key messages into search-engine optimized website copy, email campaigns, newsletters, brochures and other media. She enjoys working directly with clients and their customers to capture testimonials and write case studies that tell these companies’ success stories as seen through their customers’ eyes.

As a freelance writer and editor, her client list has included many well-known companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond, including VHA Inc., Broadlane Inc., Kimberly-Clark, Mary Kay, Southwest Airlines and the University of Texas at Dallas. Kristy is a former trade magazine editor and has worked in publishing and marketing communications since 1991. She earned her bachelor’s degrees in English (creative writing) and journalism (magazine) at the University of Kansas.


My Strengths

From Gallup CliftonStrengths

1. Communication
2. Intellection
3. Responsibility
4. Input
5. Relator


What Drives Me Crazy

I’m a word nerd, so there are many grammar mistakes that drive me bonkers. One that I see all the time is the incorrect use of the word “over”: It’s not “over 20 years of experience,” it’s “more than 20 years of experience.” But, “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!”


My Superpower

Content Masterpiece

My superpower is diving into a new topic or industry, learning all about it, and then turning that newfound knowledge into a finished piece of content that makes our clients look like superstars.


A Fun Fact About Me

Travel Trailer

Our family has one of the biggest Airstream travel trailers ever made – it’s 34 feet long! I love to plan fun family adventures that get my kids outdoors, and I often take my work on the road. Have wifi, will travel!