Storytelling for Small Businesses

typewriter - what is your story?

As a small business, you have an incredible level of competency at the things you do –delivering services or making products. But how do you translate that into an engaging story that represents your expertise? Much of it boils down to connection and emotion. It’s human nature to want to…

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Google Analytics 4 : Why and How to Make the Transition

Google Analytics 4: Are You Ready

I’m sure you heard the rumblings of migrating to Google Analytics 4 (or GA4), an entirely new platform purposely built to provide more granular data focused on customer and user experience. The countdown is on! Google’s Universal Analytics will stop recording new data July 1, 2023, and historical data will…

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5 Tips for What’s Working in Email Marketing

Email Best Practices

As Jay Schwedelson says, “you need to use every tactic or trick to get your email open” these days. As founder of and CEO of WorldData Group, Schwedelson certainly knows his stuff around email marketing. In his recent learning session, “What’s Working/Not Working in Email Marketing,” he quickly shared…

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Can You Take a Hint? 7 Ways to Ensure Your PR Pitch Doesn’t Fall Flat

Woman with ring light at her computer

While our hit rate for PR coverage is strong, we can always learn and improve. That’s why I was excited to join Peter Shankman’s webinar with reporter James Ford and former journalists/producers & PR pros now Cindi Avila & Mike Avila for a refresher on some dos and don’ts for…

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The Art and Science of Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

A recent article in Entrepreneur challenged me to think about why I love all the inspirational quotes I save on my phone – or write on sticky notes for my mirror. Surprisingly, there is both an art and science behind these messages that are packed with a punch in just…

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I’m Joining the MPD Team!

I'm Joining the MPD Team!

I’m a communicator at heart. My love for journalism and *all-things-words* started back in seventh grade in my first journalism class. I could never imagine, as my 12-year-old self, that this class would kick off my career path and provide such rewarding experiences and highlights. One strength I bring to…

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Is it Time for a Cybersecurity Checkup?

is it time for a cybersecurity checkup?

As experts focused on marketing and communications, we don’t typically dole out information technology advice. But because IT touches virtually everything we do, we always try to stay apprised of general technology trends and issues that could help or impact our clients. This month we felt compelled to pass along…

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Top Must Haves for a Successful Business Website

top must haves for a successful business website

Maybe the goal of your business is to do good for others or generate sales leads. Or perhaps your company just wants to make money via online sales. And lots of it. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: if your company’s website is lacking some key components, you aren’t…

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Crisis Communication: Do You Have a Plan?


Your business probably has a disaster recovery plan in place for your IT network—in the event of a power outage or natural disaster there is a documented process for preserving your data and getting your team up and running fast. But what if something else dramatic and unexpected happens to…

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The Art (and Formula) for Thank You Notes


Recently I received a thank you note from a high school graduate which I couldn’t help but share on social media. It seems my network quickly grasped the problem at hand…see the picture for yourself. While I’m thrilled this individual knew enough to send a thank you note (sadly, many…

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