Google Analytics 4 : Why and How to Make the Transition

Google Analytics 4: Are You Ready

I’m sure you heard the rumblings of migrating to Google Analytics 4 (or GA4), an entirely new platform purposely built to provide more granular data focused on customer and user experience. The countdown is on! Google’s Universal Analytics will stop recording new data July 1, 2023, and historical data will…

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Top Must Haves for a Successful Business Website

top must haves for a successful business website

Maybe the goal of your business is to do good for others or generate sales leads. Or perhaps your company just wants to make money via online sales. And lots of it. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: if your company’s website is lacking some key components, you aren’t…

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Planning for a Website Redesign? Here’s How to Prepare

You’re ready.  You’re taking the big leap. You’re all in.  It’s time to scrap your old website and begin planning for a web redesign.   And now that you’ve established that it’s time to start fresh and breathe some new life into your online presence, you’re likely wondering where the heck…

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Website Design Best Practices in 2019

Décor and design trends change with the times. Shag carpet was a fad. Then it wasn’t. Then it was. And now, well, we don’t even know anymore. The same is true with website design. It’s 2019 and these are the big trends you should be paying attention to in web…

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Stay on Top of Your Game-Keep Your Website Maintained

Maintain Your Website

It is dizzying how quickly technology evolves. Case in point? The way we consume music has changed dramatically over time. Vinyl records ruled as kings until the portable 8-track came along, only to eventually be replaced by cassette tapes. Later, CDs rose to fame (because who has time to be…

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Maintaining Control of Your Social Media Profiles: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Maintaining Control of Your Social Media Profiles - Blog Feature image

If you’re a small business owner with a company social media presence, chances are you have a designated team member who manages those profiles—handling the posting, shares, follows, etc. Or, if there isn’t a team member with the time or skill set to manage your social media, perhaps you outsource…

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Why You Should Claim & Update Your Google My Business Listing

In today’s digital world, people often turn to Google to find information for local businesses, whether it’s a phone number, website, or hours of operation. If you’re a business owner, certainly you want to be sure you can easily be found. But it’s equally important to be sure your information…

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Demystifying SEO: Practical Resources & Tips for Search Engine Market

Today most companies have some sort of web presence; many have blogs to share original content and company updates. The real key to success is to ensure that people actually find your website and the great content it holds while they are navigating the Web and Googling different concepts and…

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2 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Someone to Create Your Website

Hiring a firm or freelance individual to professionally design and develop your website is a great idea. You save time and headache of trying to pull something together yourself and in a software application that you don’t know well. You end up with a professional looking and technically sound web…

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