PR Marketing Strategies That Get You Noticed

Creating Awareness Through Smart Public Relations

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever with companies of all sizes facing crowded marketplaces, increasingly discerning prospects and a tight labor pool.

To cut through the clutter, MPD helps clients embrace both traditional media and online engagement to build credibility and gain strong footholds in their respective markets.

Our PR sweet spot is working with fast-growth, innovation-based, private companies to create and execute awareness strategies that help attract and close prospects, retain clients and entice talent.

How We Can Help:

  • Securing Press Coverage
  • New Venture & Product Launches
  • Social Media Audience Building & Management
  • Leadership Recognition
  • Talent Drives & Retention Campaigns

Our PR Capabilities In Action:

Creating An Impactful First Impression

In Spring 2014, a Dallas-based motorcoach service provider turned to MPD to create a public relations strategy to help support its business launch. Vonlane’s goal was to secure media coverage in its two primary markets—Dallas and Austin—and to generate buzz among consumers.

Our team created a formal PR strategy and plan that outlined the media opportunities, key messages, tactics and timelines. In advance of the business launch, we conducted reporter outreach and provided on-site support for two media ‘show and tell’ days that enabled interested media the opportunity to film on board and interview our client.

Specific Objectives:

  • Secure a blitz of media coverage surrounding Vonlane’s business launch, primarily in Dallas and Austin, along with select regional and national media targets
  • Raise awareness among consumers, especially business travelers
  • Spur social media interaction

Are you ready to cut through the clutter?

The Results:

Media Coverage in One-Week Period (3rd party tracking verified)

  • total story count of 47
  • total audience estimate of 1.3 million
  • total runtime of over 40 minutes—broadcast news coverage garnered from almost every network affiliate in Dallas and Austin

Social media interaction was strong with one broadcast station’s story on Vonlane generating alone:

  • 1,388 viewer comments
  • 10,619 Facebook likes

Vonlane noted web traffic and social media interaction after just one day of media coverage, as measured through the number of passenger profiles created as well as direct bookings and inquiries.

Coverage Highlights included:

  • A sit-down interview with Vonlane’s founder broadcast on WFAA-TV (Dallas ABC affiliate)
  • A front-page article in the business section of The Dallas Morning News
  • A feature story in The New York Times