MPD Ventures

From crafting a sales message that makes prospects pick up the phone to securing positive coverage in dozens of media outlets, our goal is always the same: generating results.

In order to maintain a competitive edge for clients, we don’t make many portfolio samples public. Much of our work is strategic in nature, so rather than drop names and flaunt campaigns, we prefer to fly under the radar and keep the marketing efforts of our clients confidential. For more information and fuller client case examples, please contact us.

Hear From Our Clients


The Maddox Shop

The Maddox Shop came to us in 2014 as an 80-year old brand that needed a makeover, as well as marketing help to improve sales, which had begun to slow. Through re-brand, store refresh, new website, launch of a customer loyalty program, and more, we were able to successfully boost sales. The store owners share how we supported them in their new growth phase to change their image and gain more of a presence. See how we did it.


Case Study: Axiometrics. How MPD Ventures Helped Axiometrics Become A Market Leader



We helped Axiometrics build a brand, garner national publicity, develop and nurture leads, and grow an internal marketing team. The founders share how we supported their rapid growth to a successful exit strategy over a six-year period. Happy reading!



A few high-level examples of our recent work:

Client objective:
Showcase capabilities and company culture in print ads
A growing logistics company wanted to increase visibility in the national marketplace through full page ads in a major trade publication.

MPD solution:
We designed distinctive ads that reflected the company’s friendly personality while communicating their value proposition to prospects.

Client objective:
Develop a lasting, big-league brand
A newly formed boutique law firm needed an image that measured up with much larger competitors.

MPD solution:
We developed a sophisticated logo and brand identity that included a Web site, print collateral and advertisements to convey the firm’s professionalism and depth of expertise. The new look received rave reviews and helped our client establish a strong presence in their marketplace.

Client objective:
Generate buzz for a new program
The private sponsor of a university’s inaugural innovation competition wanted to launch the program with a bang and generate campus-wide student participation.

MPD solution:
MPD worked within a limited budget and a tight deadline to create an interactive website that challenged students to take part in a new venture. The website helped to spur student interest and ensure a successful start for the program. MPD was honored with a national award* for the project.

Client objective: 
Overhaul image and make a media splash in a hurry

MPD solution:
We produced an updated logo, new company tagline, print collateral and trade show exhibit while orchestrating national media outreach—all in time for a key industry event.  The buzz at the conference proved the company achieved the brand overhaul they desired.

Client objective: 
Keep employees informed and engaged
A rapidly growing distribution company needed to unite employees at new locations across the country and instill a sense of camaraderie and common purpose.

MPD solution:
MPD helped the company’s management team launch a comprehensive employee communication program that included a CEO site visit series, monthly newsletter, and a vision and values initiative. The CEO was able to open a dialogue with employees and help bridge the gaps between far-reaching locations.

Client objective:
Spread the word about new services
A member-based non-profit organization sought to increase awareness of its newly expanded best-practice research capabilities.

MPD solution:
We forged media partnerships with national press and developed a mail and e-mail marketing campaign with custom scratch-off cards touting the research.