Michael Kinzie

SEO/SEM Specialist

For more than 20 years, Michael Kinzie has worked with multiple agencies as a search engine optimization and search engine marketing specialist (SEO/SEM Specialist) to deliver high-ranking organic search results for a variety of industries. Michael thrives most when he develops an SEO strategy that’s tailored exclusively for each client.

Michael has developed, and continues to refine, a template that drives targeted traffic and qualified leads to our clients’ websites. The special sauce uses a combination of keyword research, competitor analysis, content development strategies, and onsite search engine optimization tactics. It’s part science with technology subscriptions and part art with keen knowledge of our clients’ businesses and what works in SEO. In addition to Google Analytics, he loves working in Semrush as a tool to support keyword research.

An integral part of MPD’s content marketing team, Michael provides ongoing support before writing by creating SEO templates for our blog writers and then once the drafts are created, he provides the onsite optimization for those blogs. Two examples of our content marketing blogs include The Lean Builder and eoStar. With MPD clients conducting website revamps, Michael supports the transition and strategy for our “do no harm” to SEO by helping create the redirects, slugs, tags, and all the technical nits required when launching a website.

Before his interest in SEO, Michael worked as a materials manager in North Texas focusing on purchasing, scheduling, and inventory control.


My Superpower

My wife says I’m just “that guy” because of the variety of things I can fix or do.


What Drives Me Crazy

Unused car blinkers


What I Love

High Google Rankings for a targeted keyword phrase, marriage, travel, golf, and grandkids.


A Fun Fact About Me

In addition to playing almost every sport imaginable (except hockey), I also played the coronet and sousaphone in band.