Ross Coulter

Public Relations Principal

Ross Coulter has nearly two decades of experience in public relations, marketing, market research, analyst relations, sales and business strategy. His background working for technology companies translates in helping to position clients with the media and industry analysts.

Ross manages local and national media relations and analyst relations for clients. He also writes press materials, brochures and advertising copy and websites. He has conducted new company and product launches, generating placements with the Dow Jones News Service, Bloomberg, The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, USA Today, CNN, The Dallas Morning News, and major technology, retail and shopping trade publications.

Previously, he worked for Giga Information Group/Forrester Research where he managed client relations and facilitated information technology research and consulting assignments. With Fujitsu-ICL Systems, he served as product-marketing manager responsible for all U.S. marketing efforts for customer relationship management software. He managed public relations, alliance programs, collateral development, market research, sales development and strategy. Ross also worked for Texas Instruments’ software division as a marketing program manager. Prior to his graduate work, Ross worked in consulting and market research with Andersen Consulting and Harlan Brown and Company.

Ross received a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University where he was awarded a Business Dean’s Scholarship and a Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship. He also received a Bachelor of Arts in economics from The University of Texas at Austin, graduating magna cum laude.

Ross is an appointed member of the Dallas Board of Adjustment and past president of the Walnut Hill Homeowners Association and the Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. He has also coached local youth soccer and enjoys reading and politics.


My Strengths

From Gallup CliftonStrengths

1. Strategic
2. Intellection
3. Responsibility
4. Input
5. Relator


What Drives Me Crazy

Changing The Process

When people change a process or procedure just to feel like they are doing something, not because there is a true benefit or improvement from making the change.


My Superpower

Calm in the Storm

Remaining calm even when nothing but chaos surrounds me.


A Fun Fact About Me

In grad school, was in a few scenes as an extra in a really bad movie starring Joe Estevez, Chris Mitchum & B-movie queen, Julie Strain. Since we were about the same height & build, I got to be Chris Mitchum’s stand-in while cameras were placed for a scene.