Can a book change your life? This one can.

Written by Paige Dawson

February is here, and for many of us, those steadfast New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, more productive, kinder to our spouse—whatever—are starting to lose steam. When life gets hard (as it always does) our good intentions often fly out the window. We feel frustrated. We slip back into old patterns. We flounder. But, sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to get us back on track. Cue our fabulous client, Dr. Kevin Gilliland.

You may have seen Kevin providing expert commentary on Fox4 or read his columns in The Dallas Morning News. As a clinical psychologist and professor with decades of experience, Kevin has a deep understanding of how our minds work and a knack for cutting through the typical therapy clutter.

Kevin is Executive Director of Innovation360, an outpatient group of counselors and therapists dedicated to helping people overcome mental health, addiction and relationship challenges, along with phase-of-life issues. They’re all about teaching people how to make positive and lasting changes. Led by Kevin, the Innovation360 team does truly remarkable, transformational work for individuals, couples and families.

And now, Kevin is sharing some of his best advice in a new book entitled, Struggle Well, Live Well: 60 Ways to Navigate Life’s Good, Bad, and In-Between. It’s debuting TODAY on Amazon, so it’s literally “hot off the press.”

We had the privilege of assisting Kevin with the production of the book and are thrilled to share his wit and wisdom with you.

With a straight-shooting style and a disarming sense of humor, Kevin defies what many of us might hold as the ‘therapist’ stereotype. Reading Struggle Well, Live Well is like talking to that wise friend or relative who never judges or bulls***s you….or allows you to bulls***t them.

Covering topics from relationships and fitness to spirituality and holidays, the book is filled with practical guidance on getting past the things that hold us back from being happier, more productive and calmer.

Plus, it’s structured in bite-sized chapters, so even the busiest reader can gain value and meaning immediately.

Kevin, on behalf of the MPD Ventures team, congratulations and thank you for allowing us to support you on the journey of writing your first book!

Now, we invite you to peek inside and purchase your copy of Struggle Well, Live Well at Then, please do leave a review and let us know what you think.

About Paige Dawson

With expertise in marketing, business strategy and public relations, as well as ‘in the trenches’ experience as a business owner, Paige Dawson brings a unique blend of talent to clients. As president and founder of MPD Ventures Company, Paige works with executives and entrepreneurs throughout the country to develop key messages, marketing strategies and measurable campaigns, driven by client business goals. She has extensive experience providing counsel for professional service firms, technology companies, associations and nonprofits.