Meet the Team: Kyndal Roden

Written by Kyndal Roden

Many of our clients have met or worked with our newest team member, Kyndal Roden, who joined us in April 2018. Get to know Kyndal a bit better with this Q&A.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and raised in small-town Forney, Texas. God, family and friends are everything to me, and I have a normal obsession with all things basketball!

After changing majors a couple times, I graduated from Louisiana Tech University (…GEAUX DAWGS) with a BS in Marketing and a focus in Key Account Development. I am a cat mom to one very plump, orange fur baby that closely resembles Garfield. Most importantly, I have the most loving and supportive family a girl could ask for (and a pretty amazing boyfriend of 3 years).

How did you come to MPD?

After graduating from LA Tech, I didn’t really have a plan. I just knew I wanted to work for a company where I could utilize my degree and move back to the Dallas area. I knew Talana Morris through her son and sent her my resume. An interview, a move back home to Dallas and my first “big girl” job later…here we are.

Why is MPD your home?

I love the small company feel. My role at MPD is not just narrowed to a specific job description like it would be at a large company. I get to explore other areas as well. In just my short time at MPD, I feel like I have really received the opportunity to touch on many areas of marketing that I would not have had the chance to with a larger agency or in a corporate marketing department. I get to learn and grow in marketing every day.

I work best when…

I have my favorite music on in the background, a large cup (or bottle…I’m not picky) of cold water and my space heater on. It doesn’t matter the time of day; you will most likely find me with an ear bud in listening to my wide range of music selections. My brain works best when there is not complete silence around me!

Why marketing? 

Marketing is so broad that there is not one defining role or job that you could have. There are a variety of clients and tasks you can touch in a day, as well as areas of marketing you can get into.

I have never considered myself a really creative person, but with marketing, it forces me to be to an extent. It challenges me to step out of my comfort zone.

What is a piece of advice or favorite quote that you’d like to share?

“If it is big enough to worry about, pray about it instead” – advice I try (and sometimes fail) to follow. I struggle at times in completely giving my worries to God. It is definitely something that I am working towards as a young, Christian woman. When I start to fret, I try to just pray it all away and trust that He knows that He is doing.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

About Kyndal Roden

The newest member of the MPD Ventures team is Kyndal Roden, marketing coordinator. She supports clients with social media and website management, as well as content writing. She joined the company in April of 2018. Previously, Kyndal provided marketing support for a company in the healthcare industry.