Vonlane Keeps Giving Texas Travelers What They Want

Written by Maureen Paulsen on Friday, September 29th, 2017

We knew he was onto something. When Alex Danza came to us in 2014 to help with Vonlane’s business launch, we were so excited about his innovative concept and mission to change the way Texans travel. It didn’t take long for Vonlane’s luxury motor coach service to catch on, and in just three short years, Alex and his team have expanded service to include all major cities in the Lone Star state.

The latest addition to Vonlane’s routes is daily service between Fort Worth and Austin. Beginning October 2, travelers will have a completely hassle-free and ultra-comfortable way to get between Cowtown and our capital city.

From day one, it was clear that Alex’s uncompromising passion for quality and customer service would create a loyal following of happy riders, and Vonlane’s incredibly positive Yelp and Google reviews tell that story. It’s still so fun for us to read the perspectives of first-time Vonlane travelers, who are often pleasantly shocked by the convenience and first-class feel of the experience. Over the years, media members ranging from seasoned business journalists to style-minded bloggers have also taken note of Vonlane’s unique offering.  Here’s a sampling of recent media coverage on the Fort Worth/Austin launch:

Beyond its smart business model, we also love how dedicated Vonlane is to the community and giving back. Earlier this year, the company announced an awesome partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to provide discounted, fully refundable travel for patients undergoing treatment.

Congrats to Alex Danza and his team for continuing to grow Vonlane and providing a vital service for Texas travelers. In addition to its standard routes, Vonlane offers special routes for sporting events and private charters. If you haven’t tried this Texas-born ‘private jet on wheels’ yet, you’re in for a treat.  Learn more and book now at Vonlane.com.

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