A Nugget, A Need, A Mindful Moment: Women’s Networking at Its Finest

Written by Paige Dawson

There is something about a room full of women determined to lift up the those around them that is both inspiring and energizing.  In honor of  Women’s History Month, I found myself in such an atmosphere in the home of a dear friend as we gathered with approximately 40 other women to empower each other along our personal and professional journeys. As part of the event, we each shared a nugget of wisdom and a need that we had, essentially a way we could help others and a way in which we needed others. Memorable nuggets included “Be who you needed,” “Your emotional waste impacts your heart,” and more. We also discovered the many tangible ways in which we could meet each others’ needs and impact our community.

I recap my take-aways from the event, including my nugget and my need, in a LinkedIn Pulse post. I’d be eager to hear you nuggets and needs to expand this idea beyond a friend’s living room.

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About Paige Dawson

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