The Art of Giving: Exploring the Rockefeller’s $832M Art Auction for Charity

Written by Paige Dawson

I was privileged to attend a panel discussion for collectors and philanthropists hosted by Communities Foundation of Texas in April. I learned all about the thinking and process to use art for charitable giving. Most of you may be aware of the most significant charity auction ever staged, The Collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller Art Auction, that was held by Christie’s in the beginning of May. The auction’s sales totaled over $832 million – $832.6 million to be exact. The CFT panel discussion that I attended the month before gave me insight on how to acquire, preserve, plan, and gift art and treasures. Granted…few of us possess similar collections or, dare I say, even a few pieces of art this valuable… mine tend to be mixed-media and crayon drawings by a creative 5 year old – valuable in an entirely different way.

I recap my take-aways from the panel discussion, including the tips that they shared on the charitable giving of art, in a LinkedIn Pulse post. My hopes are that the impact that the auction had on charities inspire the rest of us to give our time, funds, and for some, our art wisely.

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