Harnessing the Power of Professional Video

Written by Chris Kelley

At MPD Ventures, we help you get your story told. We accomplish this through traditional media outlets—newspapers, magazines, and local news stations, through social media, and through other proven and optimized marketing strategies. And we help you tell your stories through multiple media formats—including highly influential and polished professional video.

Thanks to the democratizing effect the internet has on media creation, generating attention for your brand no longer remains in the hands of elite publications that may or may not write a story about you.

The power is now in your hands.

The best way to generate attention comparable to the attention you might get from traditional media is to generate your own content marketing stories—especially video content.

Studies show that videos have quickly risen (and are still rising) to the top of the heap in terms of content that produces audience engagement. Website clicks, product purchases, you name it, original video content is a consistent best bet for reaching your audience.

And, if you haven’t yet started creating original video content, chances are the competition is doing so already. A recent survey showed that 72% of marketing companies are prioritizing video content creation for their clients, and their clients are quickly separating themselves from the pack.

But how do you get started?  Video production can be daunting, which is why many clients call on us to handle it rather than taking a DIY approach.  Like any marketing initiative, video production should be guided by a sound strategy with specific goals. We believe the most impactful videos tell real stories that resonate with viewers, stories that get to the core of your brand’s key messages. To accomplish this in a reasonable budget takes planning, an experienced film crew and thoughtful post-production.

We are passionate about telling your story and connecting your brand not just to the viewer’s memory, but also to their heart. We want viewers to remember you and to remember how good they feel about you. And, we produce videos for any display device or venue—from hotel ballrooms to iPhoneX.

Here are a few examples of recent videos we’ve produced:

Emergency medical billing provider Emergicon generates dramatic results for its clients and the communities they serve. Video was the perfect way to tell some of the real-life stories of Emergicon’s remarkable success.

When civil engineering firm Hayden Consultants joined forces with GEI Consultants, the firm used video to share details about this new, exciting phase of the company’s growth.

If you’re considering video as part of your marketing strategy, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Pick Quality over Quantity: Even one well-produced video on your website’s home page will make a strong impression.  And while someone on your team might be willing to create some ‘homemade’ videos for your company, be sure they are of a quality that reflects your brand appropriately.
  2. Plan, Prepare and Secure Approvals: Some of the most important parts of our video production work happen well before shoot day. Whether it’s storyboarding, scripting, or developing exactly the right questions to ask, creating an effective video requires precise planning.  Also, be sure to get signed releases in advance from any clients or customers you are including in videos—often companies have specific policies about video participation and several levels of consent approval are required.
  3. Leverage Finished Video in as Many Ways as Possible: If you’ve sunk budget dollars into a video, make sure you use it in as many ways as you can. Think social media, onsite at events, etc.  And if you don’t have one already, set up a YouTube channel to take advantage of the search engine boost of a properly tagged video. Learn more of our YouTube channel tips here.

Whether you’re looking for a headlining short film for the home page of your website, or if you want to post regular video content to Facebook and other platforms, we know exactly how to connect with that audience you’ve been clamoring to reach. Your best bet to grab and hold their attention is content creation, especially high-quality, original video production. Contact us to get started and harness the power of video to help grow your brand.

About Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley has more than 35 years’ experience in the journalism, interactive/video content and strategic communications fields. Chris is an expert in media relations and crisis communications, having worked 27 years for Dallas-based A.H. Belo Corp., where he served as editor of DallasNews.com, website of The Dallas Morning News, and as a news reporter for 18 years. He is a passionate advocate for clients, working with them to develop influential content in all media formats (print, video, web and social media) that inspires targeted audiences to action.